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Dear Driver,

You will have received a letter from Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council last month identifying a potential issue with your 4eyez CCTV system and its panic/audio button, because 4EYEZ cannot identify which car has this issue, you are requested to have your 4EYEZ CCTV system updated with new software. This software must be updated before the end of March 2019 in accordance with Rotherham MBC’s wishes.

To book your update appointment, please visit our website by clicking the link below.

Click the banner at the top of the page to direct you to our booking system where you can book an appointment with our installer. To gain access to the booking system, you will need to input the following code: dkjfoafhn

Before you book your time/date slot you will be asked to complete your information including, name, registration number etc. More importantly, please advise us with any other issue/s you may have experienced, which have not already been reported.

During your appointment, the following three things will happen to your system:

  1. A software upgrade will be performed to our latest operating system
  2. A new camera will be installed
  3. A full service of the rest of your system will be carried out, much like the MOT/Service on your car. This ensures that you have a fully functional system

Although the software and the camera are free there is a charge of £25 for the service. This price includes a heavily discounted cost of the installers who will be working on your car during the 15 minute slot. It is important that you arrive ahead of time (10 minutes before your appointment) so we can get you processed as quickly as possible.

Benefits of this work:

  1. You will have a 3 month warranty which covers the whole system
  2. You will also know that the system is in perfect health going forward.
  3. You will also have the opportunity to increase the warranty period from 3 months to 6 months costing £75 and up to a full 12 month maintenance package costing £99. The full 12 month package will cover you for up to 2 call outs during the year plus any parts which may be required. This is a 20% discount over and above standard call outs, giving you priority over the existing booking system and peace of mind. If you have any questions about this, then please get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Location: 95, Sheffield Road, Rotherham, S60 1DA


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